Delivery Days:

Effective January 1,2013:
We deliver to the Portland
area on Wednesday only.
More delivery days will be
added as the weather warms
and the season progresses.

Orders must be placed  a
minimum of one day in
advance of the desired
delivery day.

Order by email:

Or by phone:
(503)819 2766
We have a good supply of half and whole hogs available. We take them to the butcher every 2 weeks
year round.  The price for a 1/2 or whole hog is $2.75/lb hanging weight, plus you pay the cut and
wrap fees to the butcher.  The hanging weights on our hogs run from 180lbs up to 280lbs. If you tell
us a target weight, we will do our best to sell you a hog within 10lbs of your target.  A $150 deposit
is required at the time of your order for a 1/2hog and $200 deposit for a whole hog.

We also have a full line of individual cuts wrapped for either restaurant use or for the home cook.
Send us an email to enquire about availability, pricing and delivery options.
 We also have a market
stall at the Salem Public Market, where we sell both produce and retail cuts of pork.  The address is:
1240 Rural Ave SE, Salem, Or  97302. Hours are every Saturday 8:30 am-2 pm. Come see us!
"Fine Produce for Fine Restaurants"
Since 1989
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