About Us
The Singing Pig Farm was created in the spring of
1989. It was one of the 1st of a new wave of urban
farms in Portland, Oregon. At that time the "old
guard" of Portland's urban farms was rapidly leaving
the city for larger tracts of rural acreage. Portland
had always been home to many urban farms,
predominantly  Italian and Japanese immigrants, so
we certainly weren't the first, but we were one of
very few new urban farms cropping up at a time
when development was forcing the old guard out.

In 2003, we relocated the farm to rented land in
Sherwood, learning how to scale up the operation
from an acre tended entirely by hand to 20 acres
utilizing machinery.  In February 2005, we
purchased  relocated to our current site in the
mid-Willamette Valley.

In February 2010 we bought 2 pregnant pigs off of
Craigslist, followed by a purebred Tamworth boar
(Zeus), and we were suddenly in the pastured pork
business.  Having never owned or even cared for
livestock, the learning curve has been steep and
long, and now we are proud to announce that we
have a steady supply of pork available for sale to
the public.

Our pigs are raised out on pasture and they are
never given any antibiotics, hormones etc. They
lead a happy natural pig's life.  AT the heart of our
pig production is our good organic soil. With the
vegetable production we have always sought out
old agriculture books printed before the advent of
modern factory farming. We logically did the same
with the pigs, and saw over and over that the best
thing for overall pig health is to allow them access
to good clean soil. The babies naturally begin to eat
soil at about 1 week of age, they receive their
needed iron and inoculations from eating the soil.

After weaning the pigs are fed a good clean diet of
mostly whey, locally grown wheat, hay and all the
critters and roots they can dig.
About Our Business
A young Zeus just after he started to work breeding.
Taking a little snooze in the shade.
Sweet, tender pea shoots ready for
"Fine Produce for Fine Restaurants"
Since 1989